Sunday, February 6, 2011

Purple Dog Leash and Collar

dog leash with comfortable handle - 40 inches total - 7mm blue climbing rope - rivet style: "
this leash measures a total of 40 inches…just over 3 feet. it has a nice sized loop so your big mittens will easily fit through when you go for a walk in the winter. i call this style the rivet handle leash. i have found that about half of the population holds their leash as shown here…this handle style is my unique design…i feel as though i can use all the muscles in my back and shoulder as well as my hand and arm to hold the leash. it is also on my wrist should the dog lunge or when the dog is just standing around and i need to get something out of my pocket…i still have the leash.

this rope consists of blue, yellow and a little green woven together. it is made with new, as opposed to recycled, 7mm climbing rope. it is resistant to grit, grime, humidity, and abrasion. i use metal rope clamps to secure each end and then cover them with heat shrink for a finished look…in the handle there are two rope clamps. these leashes are strong, they have been tested on thousands of big strong dogs for over four years. oh, and i almost forgot to mention the best feature, it has a nice foam grip handle for your hand…no more rodeo holds or webbing burns!

i let my research and development team test, well really abuse, alaska leash products. they played tug of war with the leash and drug it up and down the rocky trails and there were no snags or tears in the rope or even the foam grip handle. this leash is designed to last years. however, it is not chew proof…so if you’ve got a chewer or a teething puppy, buy them lots of chew toys, and put this away the minute the walk is finished.

it is machine washable, gentle cycle, cold water in a garment bag so it doesn’t get caught in the agitator, and dried flat.

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